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It is important to regularly check and test all emergency lights within your property to ensure that in an emergency situation being it a fire or power failure that all the escape routes are fully lit and the emergency lights stay on for the required duration. 


There are three types of emergency lighting which are:-


* Maintained emergency lighting are illuminated at all times. 


* Non- Maintained emergency lights are only illuminate in the event of a mains power failure.


* Illuminated Emergency Exit Signs. The purpose of these signs are for in the event of an emergency situation they provide adequately lit emergency escape routes to help occupants of the building to escape in a safe manner.   


We are specialists in installing and maintaining all types of emergency lighting. The best type of emergency lighting currently comes in the form of LED lights. LED lights not only offer better light quality and LUX levels but also offer a longer lifespan than standard emergency lights and can save energy, produce less heat and help you to save on your energy costs.  

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