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We specialise in installing and maintaining all types of gaseous fire suppression systems including FM200, Co2, Scotchmist, Argonite & Inergen. 

Fire Suppression Systems operate by discharging an agent on to the fire risk and either reducing the oxygen (Co2, Foams and inert gases) or having an effect on the atmosphere and removing the fuel element (synthetic gases) or cooling the fire (Watermist & Co2).


Commercial Watermist Systems offer a different way to suppress a fire compared with other systems like sprinkler and gaseous suppression systems in that when a Watermist system is discharged it has smaller reduced droplet size which discharges as a fine mist and then converts to steam in the heat which smothers the fire, removing the oxygen element preventing the fire reigniting and offering a cooling effect in the room.  


Firetrace is an Automatic Fire Suppression System that does not need any external energy or power supply and therefore offers an alternative solution for particular fire risk areas. 


These systems use small flexible pipes which are able to feed through small enclosed areas and are ideal inside machinery, data cabinets and other small high risk areas where other fire suppression systems will not fit.


We can supply, design, install and maintain systems specific to your business needs whether it be a kitchen in a restaurant or a large industrial fryer.


We can provide you with the best solutions for protecting these high risk areas and minimise the damage that fires can cause.


The correct fire protection can keep your kitchen and business open.


All compressed gas cylinders have to be hydrostatically tested (also known as cylinder stretch test) every 10 years to ensure they are fit for purpose and safe to use.


If a cylinder fails the test the cylinders must be destroyed.


We at Arden & Cat Fire Ltd can carry out the hydrostatic testing of your cylinders and also offer cylinder exchanges to ensure your high risk areas are always protected.


Liquid Level testing is a way to check and ensure that pressurised sealed cylinder units are full and that no particles have evaporated.


We use a portable liquid level indicator for monitoring fire suppression systems comprising of CO2, FM200, NOVEC, and other clean agent extinguishing liquids. 


The portable liquid level indicator uses ultrasonic technology to test the levels without the cylinders having to be moved from the premises. 


Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems are used to provide protection for computer and plant rooms. For the systems to work correctly the room must retain the extinguishing concentration for a specified period of time after the system has discharged, failure in doing so could cause a fire to reignite.

Room integrity test which is also known as fan test or pressure test should be completed after a system installation and annually thereafter to ensure the room is sealed correctly to contain the maximum concentration possible.

Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression

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